Here at Buckley’s we’re continuing the legendary spirit of William Buckley, sharing our culture of specialty crafted Aussie beer with locals and visitors alike; along with the belief that everyone can have more than a Buckley’s chance if fate is on your side.

Inspired by the story of escaped convict William Buckley the Aussie term “buckley’s” has been instilled into our culture, meaning ‘no chance in the world.’ But the story of William Buckley is much more than a convict given ‘no chance’ of surviving as he disappeared into the wilderness over 200 years ago.The Buckley legend is about determination, freedom, spirit and shared culture.

As fate would have it William Buckley did survive and lived with the indigenous Wathaurong people for 32 years; initially mistaken for a reincarnated tribal elder whilst leaning on his spear in a grave, they honoured him. Fortune would again favour Buckley many years later when he saved a colonial landing party from being attacked by the tribe. As reward he was granted a pardon and so began his role of interpreter, sharing his knowledge of two very different cultures.



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